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Chess has no rival in regard to imparting highly beneficial life skills to it's practitioners. In fact, some people consider the ability of playing logical chess a life skill in itself! Children playing chess from an early age exhibit very good memory skills. Chess also helps in improving concentration and academic performance of the child. FIDE Rated Chess Instructors will teach students starting from age 5+. Classes for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced players with a comprehensive study plan are offered at our learning center. Learn the game of kings with our courses designed to improve all parts of your game - Openings, Middlegames and Endgames.


This course is suitable for students who are new to the game. Starting right from the piece moves, the fundamentals and basics are introduced. At the end of the course, every student should be able to play a legal game of chess without any illegal moves. A basic sense of strategical thinking & decision making in chess will also be introduced.


After learning the fundamentals of chess in the Beginner Level, students will move to the Intermediate level. Primary focus will be to build  strong tactical foundation and pattern recognition.  At the end of the intermediate's course, a student would be able to calculate several variations ahead and identify the different patterns, threats & variations that help decision making.


This chess course is intended for players who are planning to participate in FIDE Rated chess tournaments at the state or national level. The . Often the biggest factor in the success of the player at this level is the patience and focus of the student, which we will cultivate through carefully curated lesson plans.

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