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Python Programming

This course initiates students into the world of Python – one of the world’s most famous programming languages. Python is an easy to use but feature rich language, with a syntax that allows us to express concepts in fewer lines of code as compared to other syntax-heavy languages.

Course Details

Our Course is split into three levels to provide comprehensive understanding –

  1. Intro to Python: Focus is on learning programming constructs and concepts using Python. This is aimed to build strong fundamental understanding of programming in students by focusing primarily on simple problems.
  2. Python Data Structures: In this phase students begin to learn simple data structures. They are initiated into complex problems by testing their code for the famous Euler Problems.
  3. Competitive Python: Armed with the tools to tackle any problem thrown their way, students are ready to test out their skills in competitive environment. Codechef Junior provides an ideal platform for this.

An initiation into programming helps. Check out our Young Programmer Course which is designed as a primer for young minds into the world of programming.

Duration : Self-Paced
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