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Scratch Coding

Scratch is a world famous programming platform developed by MIT Media Lab designed to be used by people of all ages. It provides a stepping stone to the world of computer programming.

Why Scratch? Scratch is an awesome platform to build programming skills while having fun! It teaches almost all fundamental programming constructs – if, while, for etc in addition to its numerous inbuilt functionalities. The best part is its Drag and Drop feature! This takes away the strain of remembering syntax and focus only on logic. Additionally, Scratch also has an online community where participants can share interactive media like stories, games, and animation with people from all over the world.

    Our course in Scratch focuses on teaching fundamental programming skills via two major disciplines -
  • Game Building
  • Story-Telling
Game Building incorporates features which are fundamental to advanced games– lives, points, and lifelines. Some of the games we will build are – Dodgeball, The Chrome Game, Pong, Dodge and Catch etc. Story Telling in scratch involves combining digital media (images, voice narration, music, text, or motion) to tell a story. These are inbuilt features in scratch which help students tell their own stories. Students can also -
  • Create and illustrate their own short story or illustrate one from classic literature.
  • Create and/or illustrate a math problem.
  • Illustrate a current event.
  • Write Poetry!

An initiation into programming helps. Check out our Young Programming Course which is designed as a primer for young minds into the world of programming.

Duration: Self-Paced
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