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Olympiad Math

Mathematical acumen plays an important part in the development of Programming skills. It helps programmers in two important ways -

  • Problem Abstraction: This is the most important transferable skill from mathematics. It is the ability to strip away the unnecessary details and focus on the most important parts of a given problem.
  • Perspective: It is the ability to change one’s point of view to suit the needs of a given problem. The idea is simply this – the problem may be presented to you in a particular way, but you should be flexible to change your approach as and when required.
At Excelsior CodeAcademy, we teach kids Math from Grade III onward. The course is designed to find a balance between routine practice and innovative problem solving. Students will solve our custom worksheets designed to incorporate both grade level problems and innovative problems. We break down classical problems of computer science and other logical puzzles into bit sized manageable problems and discuss them in the class. Problems like Towers of Hanoi, Knight’s Tour, Dynamic Programming problems etc are part of our class worksheets. Each grade is subdivided into 3 modules. It is complemented with 10 worksheets spread over 25 sessions.

Digital Classrooms
We enrol all of our students in the modern-day digital classrooms of Khan Academy which helps to mentor students by identifying their problem areas and assigning relevant assignments. It gives comprehensive stats on the student’s performance and helps us to monitor the growth as well as improvement sections of the students.

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