• Phone : 080 4814 5441
  • Opening Time : 10:00am-6:00pm
  • Address : Bellandur, Bengaluru

Why should my child learn Coding?

Coding has numerous transferable skills, most important of which is that it helps to learn to think in an organized & logical way and helps boost creativity. These are life skills which help children learn anything efficiently. Logical thinking will benefit your child in all subjects at school, for they will become better at structuring their thoughts and think through given problems in an organized way. Also Coding and Mathematics are symbiotically linked, all of computer science evolved from the permutations of the same problem – computing! Children who have even a brief exposure to coding find that it is very useful in understanding key mathematical concepts. Most importantly, almost all technology that we come across today is a result of coding. Love your Smartphone? Enjoy playing Angry Birds? Feel great to book your movie ticket first day first show? What is the common denominator? You guessed it right – Coding. Coding is the closest we have ever come to have a super power. The coders of today are the wizards of tomorrow! But just like Harry Potter had to become one by investing time and patience in a meticulous skill, so will our kids. We promise to make it a fun ride for them.

Everybody should learn how to code .. because it teaches you how to think !


But what if my Child doesn’t like it?

We have eliminated all bottlenecks for your child to learn coding. You can avail 2 free classes at our centre, along with free registration and a custom notebook. If you don’t like the experience, we respect your choice. No commitments from your side.A kind request is to let us know how we could’ve done better and we will put our team on it. We put our heart and soul to make students understand the key concepts required to become good coders. But we accept criticism and strive to improve in a constructive way.

What can I do to try out Excelsior CodeAcademy?

We have started our learning center near Sobha Ganet in the Sun City road, off Sarjapur Junction. You can find us on maps. Alternatively we are planning to take a few classes at apartment clubhouses in case of queries. Please let us know your requirements and we will arrange accordingly. You can reach out to us by filling the form below or calling us on 080 4814 5441

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